Why is it good to use a fulfillment service?

What is fulfillment?

The core part of our business is to take over the management of the entire logistics process from the owners/employees of online stores.

Of course, it is not worth outsourcing this from the very first moment of creating the webshop, but sooner or later the time comes everywhere, when the increase in the number of orders reaches such a level that we cannot solve all the elements of the daily operation ourselves, nor do we need to.

Problems of developing webshops

It is true for almost all companies that in the early stages the roles of employees are extremely sharply defined. However, with the development of the business, more and more tasks require everyday work, which no longer have a specific provider, but are distributed among the employees. In general, logistics also develops in this way in the life of companies.

Of course, many webshop owners see a solution in simply hiring a new colleague to handle logistics tasks. However, it is much more cost-effective if you entrust an external company whose employees already have experience and are proficient in the areas of stock management, warehousing and packaging.

Hiring a new colleague dealing with logistics is not only a much more expensive solution than outsourcing in terms of wages, but would also entail the need to expand the equipment park. You have to communicate with company partners and customers, you have to monitor the development of the stock, you have to pay attention to the storage, the smooth flow of the acceptance, it is also very important to arrange the delivery, just to mention a few examples. Of course, we cannot solve these tasks on paper or in our head, and creating a new workstation is extremely expensive. With our help, you don’t have to think about all of this, since in addition to the expertise of our colleagues, we also support your company’s logistics-related tasks with our equipment park.

What happens if you didn’t originally plan to use a fulfillment service, or maybe you’re encountering one for the first time?

In this case, your office slowly turns into a warehouse, and the problems related to logistics processes reach such a scale that over time they distract you and your colleagues from other essential things, including attracting/searching for new customers, so if you don’t organize it logistics, sooner or later it comes at the expense of the entire business.

Of course, in the initial phase, you can still easily store the necessary amount of products inside the office, but if you don’t adapt to the increase in traffic quickly enough, then the next thought could easily be that a bigger office is needed. In this case, too, it is a hundred times more worthwhile to spend the rental costs of the larger office on the use of a fulfillment service, since not only the space issue is solved immediately, but we also take over tasks related to storage, stocking, and delivery matters.

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