Package delivery even in the second wave of the coronavirus

The second wave is starting, and we think that every company has the opportunity to prepare and wait. It cannot be denied that the virus situation also has a significant impact on online commerce.

Let’s take a look at the factors that have affected webshop owners over the past months, and we can probably count on them during the second wave as well.

Online stores ordering from China are out of stock

Unfortunately, when public life stopped there, it significantly affected the operation of the online stores here. Many webshops have run out of stock, and the stock of wholesalers has also decreased significantly.

It is important to make good use of the opportunities, so if you are affected by this phenomenon, you should constantly follow the news coming from China. If you see that the situation is normalizing and you can order goods with the usual arrival times, reserve more of them if possible.

Special measures of courier companies during package delivery

Of course, online trade depends to a large extent on the extent to which measures taken due to the virus situation affect the operation of courier services. We can say based on the experience of the first wave that the restrictions did not hinder the daily work of the courier services. We can therefore rightly expect that even in the event of a second wave, full delivery to our customers will be guaranteed. However, in such cases it is important to plan with the fact that the situation can change from day to day.

Couriers working during the acute virus situation guarantee their own safety as well as that of their customers in a number of ways: they keep hygiene products with them, which, for example, they can easily disinfect the devices they use during the day, and they also ensure contactless delivery.

Boom in online trade, birth of webshops

It cannot be denied that online trade is booming as a result of the epidemic situation. In this case, people have much more limited freedom of movement, so in many cases webshops serve the same needs that customers used to visit physical stores before.

In addition to the fact that it is worth being prepared and taking advantage of the increased traffic, there is another very beneficial factor associated with this: due to the current situation and because it is mandatory or even strongly recommended to stay at home, customers are much more willing to wait longer for the ordered products.

What can you do to prepare for problems?

The most important thing you can do is to carefully replenish your stock during easier periods. As well as any problems that may arise (such as a lack of stock or a late order due to any other reason), inform your customers immediately. Even in the event of a problem, customers prove to be much more cooperative if they know everything in advance.

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